What is Gentle Trauma Rewiring?

Gentle Trauma Rewiring is a two-pronged approach to permanently rewire the brain – paring away habitual patterns of anxiety, stress, negative thinking, and other symptoms of trauma – and creating new pathways of safety, peace and joy. The program includes both 1-on-1 sessions, and easy, enjoyable, home practices between sessions.

In our 1-on-1 sessions, I will facilitate you entering into a relaxed, highly neuroplastic state, and then very gently guide you to help your brain re-process negative experiences from the past – or anything that is currently causing a lot of stress or overwhelm.

GTR clients have often compared the peaceful, dreamy state in our sessions to a psychedelic journey – without the drugs! People always comment at the end of the session how relaxed they are – like they’ve just had a massage or spent the day at the spa.

Now while we do the deeper rewiring in our sessions, it’s equally important to continue to strengthen those pathways on a daily basis – you wouldn’t expect results by just going to physiotherapy once per week without doing your exercises in between! You will receive short 2-5 minute practices to be used throughout the day which will help your brain and nervous system to relax and develop new default pathways of ease, peace and even joy.

The GTR approach empowers you to no longer feel at the mercy of your habitual thoughts, moods and behaviours. You will learn to understand and work with your mind and nervous system to reprogram it to a new normal of feeling safe, relaxed, peaceful and happy.



gentle and effective trauma healing


reprogram your brain for relaxation and ease


feel resilient and strong


learn tools to cope with everyday stress


take back control of your life


feel happier than you ever thought possible!

Let Leanne be your guide to gently heal your past, so you can create your new joyful future

“The work that I've done with Leanne as my gentle guide, has been nothing short of life-changing. She has created a safe space for me to go deeply inward and face some years-long trauma that needed to come through. The tools that I've learned from her are useful in my every day life and have literally changed the way I spent years viewing difficult emotions. I would often end our hour-long sessions feeling like I had a new outlook on something I had been dreading (or avoiding), and feeling as though I'd accessed parts of my brain and heart that had been closed off for years. Her presence is peaceful, her knowledge is trauma-informed, and I will be forever grateful for our powerful sessions together. She has led me through some truly difficult times and gotten me safely to the other side..”

– Laura B.

“I jokingly call Leanne the Good Witch, because what she does is nothing short of magic! She helps me calm my 'lizard brain' so that I can access the deep wisdom that has always been inside. Looking back at the traumas we have processed, I don't have any negative associations or emotions come up, just peace and self compassion. Plus my day to day life is so much calmer, I handle stress much more easily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Leanne.”

– Lauren P.

“Working with Leanne was very beautiful, after I suffered the trauma of breaking my ankle in three places in a foreign country. The fear of climbing a mountain again, or simply walking in nature, kept me locked in, and afraid- my mind told me I couldn't. My mind was sabotaging me all the time, believing that I was going to die because a cyclist passed by me. This was not a good way to live. I had lost my confidence to grab my car at 5 am and drive to the mountains or somewhere in nature and enjoy, relax, and connect with my body. Leanne with her program, gently accompanied me to see and transform with simple and fun exercises, that my fearful mind (my 'lizard brain') is not in control, it is I who is in control, it is I who decides where it goes, it is I who returns with confidence in the mountains.I have been able to master my mind and emotions to climb a mountain again, and go anywhere I want in nature. Not only can I walk more than 10 km a day today, I feel happy and joyful, and I can witness how my mind now supports me for new challenges in many areas of my life. Thanks Leanne”

– Cristie S.

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