Dip Your Toe

Are you struggling to overcome stress-based issues like: unhealthy coping methods (food issues, overspending, drinking too much), relationship issues, chronic anxiety/depression, fear, procrastination or self- sabotage? This package will help diagnose and address the root cause of your issues and work to permanently eliminate them. You’ll also learn quick and easy stress relief tools you can use in your daily life to help reprogram your brain - even between sessions! A great starter package for those curious about coaching.

Stop Feeling Crazy Around Food!

Systematically address and eliminate every root cause behind your ‘complicated' relationship with food. No more bingeing, stress eating, or self-sabotaging...naturally, start eating like a ‘normal’ person - no more obsessing or constantly thinking about food. This is a perfect program for those who have tried EVERYTHING, and nothing has ever worked before. This program is special and unique because it actually works to rewire your brain - so there is no willpower required EVER!

Ignite Your Power

A hugely transformational 12-step program developed by personal development and wealth expert, Margaret Lynch (author of Tapping Into Wealth and Unblocked). If you are an entrepreneur who is struggling with ‘putting yourself out there’, charging your worth, and procrastination - then this is exactly the program you need to overcome any fears, limiting beliefs, and resistance you have to building/creating the business of your dreams! Quit getting in your own way and become unstoppable!

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