I have learned to love myself, love my body and to feel so empowered! I feel because of this love of myself and my body I have gone from 138 lbs to 124 lbs!! I wasn’t on a diet—I was in touch with a piece of myself I’d lost over many decades—I’m 66 years old. Loving myself, really feeling that emotion, erased the triggers of junk food consumption at a moments notice and I began feeding myself a much better balanced food choice.


I came to Leanne because I was at a real crossroads in my life and needed some clarity and direction. And WOW, I came out of it with so much more! I’ve lost weight (without even trying!), I feel confident marketing myself and my business, and my relationship with my husband is better than it’s even been!


Leanne has helped me step into who I was put on this planet to be. I had taken on so many toxic beliefs about who I was, that I wasn’t able to see who I was anymore. My anxiety was through the roof, and everyone just saw me as a door mat. I’m now able to step into my power , speak my truth, and set boundaries, and feel great doing it! Hallelujah!


Leanne’s gentle and loving guidance along with her EFT techniques have been instrumental in helping me to step into/reclaim my power through personal awareness creating a domino effect of growth and positive experiences throughout all areas of my life, including my relationship with myself, my husband, my family and my business!


Leanne helped me value who I am and gave me the courage to believe in myself and step outside of my comfort zone. She helped me to be able to embrace my past and appreciate the lessons with compassion. Her uplifting, positive energy makes her easy to open up to and so comfortable to work with. Leanne is such an amazing healer, caring practitioner, and intuitive coach with great compassion helping people who are going through trauma, depression and hardships in lives.


Thanks to Leanne I know how to love myself, respect myself, to be grateful and thankful for all I have accomplished and that I am worthy of feeling joy and happiness. I have finally surrendered and accepted to just enjoy my life in this moment and surrendered those demons that have stopped me from thinking I have to look a certain way.


I felt like finally I was talking to someone who had experienced many of the same extremely self sabotaging thoughts and actions as I was at that moment. Leanne helped me believe in me and learn to love myself which at the same time opened me up to living my life to the fullest. I feel I am now lovingly present with my husband and children in a way that seemed so unattainable before the amazing connection and support I gained from Leanne.


Leanne has worked wonders for me in ways I didn't even realize I needed. She's worked with me to identify areas of my life that are critical to my well being that I neglected and helped me finally find balance.


Leanne is amazing! I feel that she has really helped me to improve my life.

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