Tapping for Stress and Overwhelm COVID edition

Tapping for Stress and Overwhelm COVID edition

Hey there this is Leanne Brunelle from Leanne Brunelle Coaching and I am a mental and emotional wellness coach. If you haven’t watched my intro to tapping video already, I’m going to link that down below and I’d like you to watch that first so you know what the tapping points are and you know what you need to focus on.

As you already know there’s a lot going on in the world right now and people are super stressed. They’re stressed about money, they’re stressed about work, they’re stressed about being stuck at home with their family. Maybe they’re trying to work from home, and their kids are there, and they’re trying to homeschool their kids. And of course, they’re worried about getting sick, or their loved ones getting sick – so it’s no wonder we’re all sort of feeling like we’re at our breaking point a lot of the time. 

I wanted to make this video to help deal with some of that stress and overwhelm so it’s not kind of coming out sideways like snapping at our loved ones, or falling into unhealthy coping patterns. Now not everything I say in this tapping script is going to necessarily apply to you – I made it fairly broad so hopefully most of it should apply to you, but maybe there’s a statement or two that doesn’t apply to you.

If you’re unfamiliar with tapping, how it’s going to work as I’m going to say a statement for each point and you’re going to repeat it back to me either out loud or in your head. And if this statement doesn’t exactly fit, I want you to change it so it does more accurately fit your situation.

So, what I want you to do, before we get started, is just take a deep breath – you can close your eyes if this is helpful.  I want you to tune into whatever emotion or sensation in your body that feels the strongest and most intense to you – maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s overwhelm, maybe it’s just like a tightness in your chest. Whatever is kind of coming up for you as being the most intense I want you to rate that on a scale of one to ten. Ten being like it’s through the roof and 0 being non-existent.

Then we’re going to move on and we’re going to use a point in this tapping video that I didn’t use in my intro to tapping video because it’s not one that I typically always use, but we’re going to do a bit more of a classic style EFT this round just because I think it’s going to be the most helpful for the most number of people.

So the tapping point is called the karate chop point, it’s just the side of your hand. We use the karate chop point to do our set up statements and ta setup statement is essentially stating how you’re feeling and acknowledging or accepting how you’re feeling. So often when we have these difficult emotions, we want to kind of stuff them down, push them away, not look at them, or distract ourselves. It can be a really good way to just be more accepting and more soft around how we actually are feeling, so that we can actually work with the emotion and move it through with tapping.

One more thing – you may notice that I’m getting a little emotional when I do the tapping, and it’s really important to access those feelings that you are feeling – the difficult feeling whatever it may be. If it’s frustration, or anger, or sadness and there’s some tears coming – all that is really important to express when you’re tapping because that’s going to be what helps move that emotion up and out of your body. So feel free to get into it! It may seem a little weird and silly at first but trust me it totally works!

Starting on the karate chop

  • even though I feel like I could snap right now I accept that’s how I feel and I’m okay
  • even though I feel like I could smack somebody right now I accept and honour how I feel 
  • even though life feels like too much to handle right now, I accept how I feel

And moving on to the eyebrow point

  • I am ready to snap 
  • this is all too much right now 
  • I’m stressed about money 
  • I’m stressed about work 
  • I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills 
  • I’m stuck at home with my family and they’re driving me nuts 
  • I can’t get anything done because someone is always interrupting me
  • I just want to scream 
  • I need to vent 
  • But I’m not allowed to go see my friends 
  • I’m trying to keep it together but it is so hard 
  • it is so hard right now 
  • I feel like I’m going to snap 
  • I just need everything to go back to normal 
  • I can’t handle all this fear all this uncertainty 
  • watching the news makes my anxiety go through the roof
  • I just wish this was over 

I want you to take a deep breath. I want you to go back to that same emotion or sensation in your body that you rated yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 with at the beginning, and just check in where you are right now. If you are at 3 or below, stay with me, we’re going to do some positive tapping. But if you’re still up there you know 6-7-8, I’d like you to go through the negative round that we just did again, even a couple of times. Making sure again that the words really accurately reflects what’s going on for you and really making sure you’re bringing up that emotion as much as possible. And once you can get down to a level three, then come join me back and we’re going to do some positive tapping to just bring things down a little bit further – really calm down that nervous system so we can feel like we’re in that nice centered grounded place.

Tapping on the eyebrow point

  • allowing my body to relax now 
  • even just a little bit 
  • allowing my breath to get a little deeper 
  • maybe next time when I’m at my breaking point 
  • I can use that as a cue 
  • that I need to take some time to look after me 
  • maybe some self-compassion 
  • maybe going in my car and screaming 
  • maybe hitting some pillows 
  • maybe some tapping 
  • definitely some alone time 
  • allowing myself to feel calm and confident 
  • confident that I can handle things 
  • it’s safe to relax now 

Stop tapping, take another deep breath.

I hope you found that as helpful as I did – that was definitely something that I needed to take the edge off myself a little bit as well too! 

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below, and if you found this helpful, please share it. Share it with as many people as you can because I think there’s a lot of people dealing with a lot of stress and overwhelm right now and I think anything we can do to just bring that down even a little bit is going to be super helpful for everyone. So take care of you, stay safe and I’ll see you next time! 

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