Intro to EFT/tapping

Intro to EFT/tapping

Video Transcription

Today I’m going to do a bit of an intro video on tapping, also known as EFT, so you know what to do and what it’s all about for my future videos. Now tapping kind of seems like a woo-woo thing, and that’s definitely what I thought of it when I first came across it – but it’s actually a scientifically proven technique to help with a huge variety of things such as everyday stress and anxiety, dealing with pain, and dealing with the effects of trauma. And that happens to be my absolute favourite thing to do with clients because if you could effectively erase the effects of trauma from your nervous system, the transformation is remarkable.

If you are anything like me, if you’re dealing with a difficult emotion or sensation or even just patterns of behavior that just aren’t working for you anymore…you probably wish you could have results yesterday.

Now while I can’t give you results yesterday, tapping is the next best thing. Tapping can give you results in a matter of minutes, and sometimes even seconds. It’s so fast, it literally feels hard to believe sometimes!

Now when we’re feeling stress, our thinking rational part of our brain essentially shuts down. You’ve probably seen this in yourself when you are flooded with an emotion, you might do and say things that you know aren’t helpful – but yet you do it anyhow -and you just can’t seem to stop yourself.

When we tap, what we do is tap on acupuncture meridians and is it tells your brain and your nervous system that you’re safe and that it’s ok to come out of the stress response. And once we can calm down our stress response then all the sudden we have a lot more resources.

We are a lot calmer, we can think things through, we can see the big picture, and we’re just able to deal with whatever challenge is in front of us in a much healthier and much more productive way. Before I get into showing you what tapping looks like and where the points are, a couple tips first. The first tip, if you are new to tapping, or like me a bit of a skeptic, it’s really important to get clear on the emotion that you’re dealing with or it’s sensation in your body that you’re feeling, and rate the intensity of that on a scale of one to ten.

Ten being like it’s through the roof and 0 being non-existent. You can check in after a few minutes of tapping and see where you’re at again and see how that number has changed. It’s really important to make sure that when you’re checking in on your number that second time that you’re rating the same thing. So, say for instance if you are starting with sadness or this tight feeling my chest, make sure that you go back to that same thing when you’re rating it again the second time.

It’s really common with tapping for things to change and shift really quickly, so you can go from maybe the tight sensation in my chest to like butterflies in my stomach. When you’re rating yourself, you might say well the number went up because now I’m rating myself on the butterflies in the stomach and that feels really intense. But if you go back and look at that first initial feeling it most likely has gone down, so make sure that you’re always rating the same thing when you go back and look at that again.

The second tip that I have for you is that it’s really, really important to honestly voice the negative thoughts and beliefs that are going on in your head. We live in a culture where it’s often not okay to express negative thoughts and emotions, we have to be positive all the time.

So, this might feel a little weird for some people – but it works! The reason why we want to get in touch with those negative feelings or negative thoughts is that we really want to lean into and keep ourselves tuned into those negative emotions, for the few minutes it will take to clear them out.. Because if we can’t really access or feel those negative emotions while tapping, it’s going to be really hard to release those.

I know a few of you might think – ‘I don’t really want to feel those difficult emotions Leanne, I’ve been pushing them down for so long because I don’t want to feel them’. I promise you it’ll only take a couple of minutes, and we can do anything uncomfortable for a couple of minutes. After you do it a few times and realize that nothing bad happened, it’ll get a lot easier! So now moving on to the tapping points. I usually tap on each point somewhere between 5 and 20 times per spot. It doesn’t really matter, there’s no formula. There is no right or wrong order to get the tapping points, basically all you want to do is make sure you’re getting at least a few of them. If there are some that are uncomfortable, or difficult to reach, it’s totally okay if you skip those. Or if as you are going through you forget some, it’s totally okay.

We don’t want to tap so hard as to give yourself a bruise, but not so light that nothing is happening. You want to be somewhere in the middle where you can kind of hear a little bit of a thunk. Most of the tapping points are on relatively hard parts of our bodies, so you should hear a bit of a tapping sound.

The first tapping point is the beginning of the eyebrows – sort of where my eyebrow meets my forehead. The next tapping point is beside your eye, where it’s hard and bony beside your eye. And then under your eye, so the top of your cheekbone. Then, under your nose and under your mouth. If you can see my collarbone it runs right here, so here’s my collarbone. Just beneath it’s still kind of hard right there. Then, under your arm so about a hands width distance underneath your armpi,t or ladies about for your bra strap is. And last is the top of your head.

Some of the topping spots you could do with two hands, some people who do that and it’s totally okay. I prefer to just do it with one, and it doesn’t matter if you do it with your left hand or your right hand. If you happen to be in a situation where tapping all over your face isn’t really socially acceptable there’s another way to do it and it’s by usinf
the finger tapping points. If you put your hand facing up, at start of the top corner of your fingernails. You can do it with your opposite hand, or I like to just kind of do it with the same hand. Either way works so this is a really good way to tap if you were in a social situation where again tapping on your face probably wouldn’t work so well, then you can easily do this under the table.

I think that’s all you should need to know going forward for my future videos but if you have any further questions or comments please post those below and I will get back to you. Thanks for watching!

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