COVID EFT/Tapping – Anger at others not following the rules

COVID EFT/Tapping – Anger at others not following the rules

Hey there this is Leanne from Leanne Brunelle Coaching and I am a mental and emotional wellness coach. If you are new to tapping, I would highly recommend checking out my intro to tapping video – that’s going to tell you all you need to know about tapping, where the tapping points are and what you need to focus on when you’re tapping.  I’m going to leave that in the comments section below.

I want to talk about all the anger that I’m seeing on social media lately. There’s a lot of people who feel like they’re doing a really good job doing the self-isolating, the social distancing, and they’re feeling anything from annoyed to full-on rage about people who are not following the rules. I say that anger is a normal and natural response when we feel like something isn’t fair, so I just want to put that out there that it’s totally normal, totally okay, totally acceptable, that we might be feeling a little bit of anger these days.

If you’re like me, especially as a woman, you’ve been conditioned to believe that anger is not a good feeling. We shouldn’t be feeling anger – we should be kind, and giving, and happy all the time. And I just want to say, when you’re suppressing anger, it’s always going to come out in some sort of sideways unproductive kind of way.

And that’s what I’m seeing on social media – lots of unproductive comment section battles! And if you’ve never been part of one of those comments section battles before, they’re basically like a no-win pissing match, where everyone walks away from that feeling either angry or defensive; and generally, no one’s changed their mind about anything.

Today I’d like to give a voice to that part of you that’s feeling angry, and feeling like it’s not fair that you’re following the rules and other people are not. And I just want to help you be able to vent in a healthy, non-harming, safe kind of way. So, the next time that you are confronted by one of these non-rule-following types, you’re not feeling so triggered, and you’re able to react in a calm rational kind of way.

So, before we get started, I want you to just close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath. When you think about these people not following the rules, I want you to check in with your body and see what emotion or what sensation in your body really feels the strongest to you. Maybe it’s anger, maybe it’s frustration, maybe it’s just a clenching in your jaw – whatever it is that feels the strongest for you, I want you to rate that on a scale of 1 to 10 for me. 

One spot that I didn’t cover in my intro video is called the karate chop point, and it’s just on the side of your hand. That’s a point that’s used in more classic style EFT, where we have a setup statement and tap on our karate chop point. The setup statement is just basically acknowledging what we’re feeling, and saying that it’s okay, and it’s safe, and we accept ourselves – even though we’re feeling this difficult feeling. The reason we do that is it helps soften some of the resistance around feeling that feeling, so that it’s easier to bring up and out with the tapping.

Some of the statements I’m going to use in the tapping might seem kind of harsh and a little over the top – but it’s really important to honestly voice what’s going on in our head, even if it’s things we’d never say out loud. It’s really important because we really want to get in touch with those emotions and bring them up and out as much as possible. So, let’s get started.

Tapping on the side of the hand you’re going to repeat after me. If anything I say doesn’t quite match how you’re feeling or how you’re thinking when you repeat it back to me (either in your head or out loud) you can change the statement so that it more accurately fits you.

Let’s get started.

  •  even though I’m feeling pissed off about people not following the rules 
  • I accept how I feel and I’m okay
  • even though I can feel my blood boiling when I see people not social distancing
  • I accept and honour how I feel
  • even though I blame them for spreading the virus
  • I deeply and completely accept how I feel

Okay starting on the eyebrow point.

  • what are they doing?
  • clearly those people walking together don’t live together
  • what are they thinking we’re in the midst of a pandemic right now
  • this virus is being spread by idiots like that
  • here I am staying home to protect my loved ones
  • and they just go on business as usual
  • it’s not fair
  • I’m feeling so pissed off right now
  • and don’t get me started on the people at the grocery stores
  • clearly they don’t get the concept of social distancing
  • touching all the produce
  • going the wrong way down the aisle
  • and then there’s people letting their kids go on play dates
  • or people going shopping when they don’t have to 
  • and then the people not self-isolating after travelling
  • people are so selfish
  • when I see post on social media about people not following the rules
  • it makes me crazy
  • stupid stupid people
  • it’s because of them this is going to last so much longer than necessary

Okay you can stop tapping and take a deep breath. And I want you to go back to whatever you rated yourself on in the beginning and I want you to rate yourself again on a scale of 1 to 10. If you’ve come down to three or lower stay with me, we’re going to do some positive tapping. However, if you’re still up there, 5-6-7, I’d like you to do the negative round again, or maybe even a couple times, making sure that the statements accurately reflect how you feel. Definitely feel free to change the words if that helps, and do what you can to bring up the emotion. If you can go sneak away somewhere, go out in your car and really yell these things, that can be super helpful to really get that emotion up and out.

If you are down to a three or below, we’re going to do some positive tapping, just to help bring down things a little bit further – calm down the nervous system a little bit further so I can leave you in a really good place.

Starting on the eyebrow point. Taking another deep breath before we start tapping, then repeating after me.

  • feeling safe to calm down now
  • just a little bit
  • breathing deeply into my belly
  • right now I’m safe
  • and I’m doing a really good job
  • of keeping myself as safe as possible
  • the next time I see or hear of someone not following the rules
  • I can take a deep breath
  • and calmly decide what to do next
  • I can respond instead of react
  • feeling my heart soften a little
  • we’re all doing the best we can
  • it’s good to give people the benefit of the doubt sometimes
  • or talk to them diplomatically if necessary
  • we are all in this together

Okay stop tapping and take a deep breath. And if you want, you can check in one more time on that scale of 1 to 10 and hopefully you’re down around that one or two, maybe even less. If not, feel free to go through the tapping again and see if you can get down to as low as you can.

I hope that was helpful, I hope I helped you get some of that anger and frustration out of your system so that the next time you see or you suspect someone not following the rules, you can hande the situation in a calm way and not feel so triggered. If however, you are still feeling really angry, and really triggered, feel free to come back to the tapping and do it another time or two.

Thanks for watching, if you have any questions or comments just post them below and please feel free to share this I think the world could use a little more kindness and a little less anger… and I really feel like this is the safest healthiest way to release that anger in a non-harming kind of way. So, take care of you and stay safe, and I’ll see you next time!

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